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Management Bodies

Steering Committee (SC)

The steering committee involves a representative (key scientist) of each full partner institution. As highest decision-making body, the SC is authorized to take decisions on behalf of the consortium, and is responsible for the overall performance of DELTA-FLU in compliance with the EC Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. 

Executive Board (EB)

The executive board consists of all work package leaders and co-leaders and is also chaired by coordinator and co-coordinator. The EB is the central scientific coordination body of the activities in DELTA-FLU. The work package leaders will guide the progress of work within the WPs and collect all necessary information with regard to scientific reporting. They stay in close contact with all partners involved in the respective work package, will follow the project progress and report to the coordinator and the co-coordinator. As such, the EB will be responsible for monitoring scientific progress and reporting, including the status of deliverables and milestones, and possible risks and their mitigation. The EB will also ensure adequate dissemination and exploitation of the results and will be responsible for management of ethical issues. It has the authority to take appropriate measures to ensure that the activities across the WPs are synergistic, such as prioritization of activities and associated potential reallocation of resources. 

Multi-Actor-Panel (MAP)

The Multi-Actor-Panel consists of a group of high level external experts of all relevant fields of DELTA-FLU (e.g. virology, environmental issues, disease control, international coordination of outbreak management, wildlife) and representatives of the stakeholders and end-users of DELTA-FLU. The MAP will provide guidance and expert feedback as stakeholders and future users on the objectives, approaches, activities and results of the WPs to the Executive Board.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The external Scientific Advisory Board will provide the DELTA-FLU consortium with independent advice on the scientific performance and quality of the results obtained. The SAB will be provided access to the internal and external progress reporting documents. For the composition of the external Scientific Advisory Board DELTA-FLU invited experts representing the animal health, public health and ecological areas of avian influenza research. 

Ethics Committee (EthCo)

The Ethics Committee includes experts on the ethical issues related to research involving animals, data protection and privacy, and research with non-EU countries (benefit sharing) as well as issues about gain of function research and dual use questions. The EthCo consists of one member of each partner institute and 2 external experts of which one is an expert for ethics in animal welfare questions, the other will be an expert for questions about gain of function research and dual use. The EthCo is responsible for providing DELTA-FLU solicited and unsolicited expert advice on the ethics management within the project. It does not replace the tasks of local Ethics Committees and Review Boards at partner level, but is a consortium level advisory body.